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Break The Corona Virus Chain

India Community Protection Ambassador (ICPA) Program


Skill Development Program
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With the current outbreak of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), life of hundreds of thousands of people are getting affected. It’s very critical to make yourself aware to act decisively to contain the growth of this pandemic.

Standout to fight Covid-19 through rapid Skill Development Program (SDP) to make an impact on your society

To stop the Covid-19 pandemic, collective empowerment and participation in breaking the chain of infection through preventive actions is the key.

The Skill Development Program will focus on breaking the chain of Covid 19 infection through tangible precautionary actions covering the transmission of infection & chain of infectious diseases. This Skill Development Program will cater the rapid training on key aspects of Covid-19 infection & protection to empower you in your community based advocacy in preventing & control the spread of infection. It will compliment you in your community based advocacy.

Certificate of Completion of India Community Protection Ambassador

Get certificate of completion of the Skill Development Program powered by ConnectOSH, CIPL Foundation and OSH Academy.

  •  Train yourself by going through curated preventive actions of COVID-19.
  •  Become an India Community Protection Ambassador after successfully completion of the course.
  •  Win over Covid-19 by spreading the awareness and stimulating atleast 5 to join the program.

Different People — One Mission

Dr. Avneesh Singh
Director General & Chief Inspector Dock Safety (Rtd.), DGFASLI, Government of India
Mr. Akshay Jhinga
Founder, ConnectOSH
MBA (IIM Udaipur), B. Tech. , PDIS (RLI, Min. of Lab. & Emp., Govt. of India)