• What is the meaning of ConnectOSH?

    ConnectOSH is derived from the combination of two words "Connect" and “OSH”. OSH stands for Occupational Safety, Health, Environment & Fire community (OSHE&F). It means Connecting the OSHE&F community across the world on a common platform to encourage collaborative learning & knowledge exchange. And it’s also providing a troubleshooting platform for professionals which satisfy their needs through connecting with right source.

  • What is the purpose of the app?

    The main purpose of ConnectOSH is to create a platform where Occupational Safety, Health, Environment & Fire (OSHE&F) community across sectors globally can discuss, review, read the latest news, apply for jobs, and fulfil almost their every needs, including access to consultants (Hazop, HIRA, Audits etc), PPEs need, Training needs, Professional Resourcing need, Exposure Assessment and many others.
    It provides a platform to take care of their needs under one umbrella.

  • What are the benefits for an OSHE&F professional joining ConnectOSH?

    The following major benefits that an OSHE&F professional will have are: -

    1. News:
    OSHE&F professionals will have access to the news according to their interests. It would be the best platform to get the latest local & international OSHE&F news, accident news, best practices, technological innovation in OSHE&F function, interesting scenario & cases of different sectors like construction, manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, fire etc. from credible sources.

    2. Discuss
    : Pursue opinion / advice from OSHE&F leaders and experts in your sector and speciality related to OSHE&F field like legislation, rules and regulations, practical problems, hazards, solutions etc.
    Furthermore, you could share, discuss & review relevant posts pertaining to any innovations/ Informative, hazardous scenario, accident/ incident case studies, pertinent News, Jobs Opportunity and others.

    3. Resources:
    ConnectOSH provides mostly all Occupational Safety, Health, Environment & Fire (OSHE&F) related list of laws & regulations, Statutes, BIS standards, guidelines, journals, research papers, OSH calendar, Awards, Directory, Newsletter and other relevant information.

    4. Finding Jobs :
    OSHE&F professionals can look and apply for jobs on ConnectOSH. ConnectOSH provides spam free one click job portal from major employer across globe where OSHE&F professional can browse premier jobs that are relevant to their speciality and location preferences.

    5. Tender:
    ConnectOSH provides details of online govt e tender which gives an open invitation to tender seekers in India.

    6. Courses & Institution:
    ConnectOSH provides most accurate and updated information about the courses of study to its aspiring OSHE&F professionals as they need the information about various courses, curriculums run by various institutes all over the world.

    7. Audio-Visuals:
    ConnectOSH provides the resources for audio-visuals that introduce important workplace safety, health, environment and fire topics in an effective and memorable way.

    8.Public Library:
    The Public Library is a resource for all connectOSH users to submit and download material created by the community.

    9. Solutions:
    ConnectOSH solutions provides a ccomplete solution on Implementation & Monitoring Safety requirement at your workplace under one umbrella.

  • What is the subscription fee for OSHE&F Professionals?

    Zero. There is no subscription fees for OSHE&F professionals for accessing ConnectOSH.

  • Will you spam through calls or emails?

    No, we don't believe in wasting your precious time. You will only receive notifications and emails related to the activities that concern you. However, if any query, concern, or requirement is raised then only we would be connecting you through call.

  • How to get ConnectOSH again on my phone if it gets deleted?

    If ConnectOSH gets deleted from your phone, then all you have to do is go to the app store or play store and install the app again. Use your mobile no. and email id to login to the app again.

  • How to do Register on App?

    1. Download the ConnectOSH app from the Google Playstore or App store (IOS), here is the link for the android users and apple users. ConnectOSH

    2. After the app is installed, you are required to fill in certain details like your Name, Mobile No., Email id, Catergory etc. After all the details are filled, you just have to tap on the 'register' that appears on your screen.

    3. You can register in ConnectOSH through Website or app.

  • Can I Upgrading my profile again?

    Yes, anytime except few fields.

  • Can I Reset Password?

    If you have forgotten your password or feel you should change it go to the login page on ConnectOSH, the web or app, and click on “Forgot your password?”

  • Can I register in bulk for entire team / organization?

    You can register as an individual user as part of team or Organization.

  • Can I invite my friends to register?

    Yes, you can share a link to register.

  • How does ConnectOSH ensure that only OSHE&F professionals come on the app?

    The ConnectOSH team does a multifaceted check to ensure that OSHE&F professionals come on the app. The OSHE&F professionals are required to provide their official email id, Identity Card and various background checks are made before allowing the user to be active on ConnectOSH.

  • I am an OSHE&F student, Can I access ConnectOSH too?

    Yes, you can access ConnectOSH too by choosing the speciality you are currently pursuing.

  • Can I share the posts and discussion in ConnectOSH?

    Yes, without altering the discussion.

  • How to post a discussion?

    Follow the following simple steps to post a case on App:
    1. Open the ConnectOSH App on your mobile phone

    2. The section below 'Posts, News, Jobs, Explore and Solution' showcases an option stating 'Write a post...' under the 'Posts' Tab. Tap the option to post a case.

  • How can I control my profile information that ConnectOSH has about me?

    You can manage your Information to some extent through settings. (WIP)

  • News in ConnectOSH are authentic?

    ConnectOSH gets its news from the best OSHE&F sources like Newspaper, ILO, DGFASLI, DGMS, and Other National & International Journals so that its users don't miss out on any quality news.

  • Third-party service providers in ConnectOSH?

    To make improvements to our product, from time to time we may use third-party service providers and tools to collect, process and store information about our website/app and use of our services.
    In general, the third-party providers used by us will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us.
    However, certain third-party service providers, such as payment gateways etc, have their own privacy policies which may apply to you.

  • Will IP and time restrictions apply on Mobile App?

    Yes – IP and time restrictions will be applied on Mobile App. In case IP restrictions are applied, the user’s mobile would need to be connected via the whitelisted IP address to access ConnectOSH.

  • Will I get notifications while I am not logged in to the app?

    No, you will get application notifications only when you are logged in to the app.

  • What can I do to increase my chances of being found by a recruiter for a job?

    You need to complete your profile and upgrade to premium version, this increases a chance of being found by a recruiter for a job.

  • How can I hide my Job Requirement to all users except employers?

    You can manage this through opting your view option in settings section.